Top 10 Ways to Recognize Your Privilege

1. If you feel relieved in any way because of your ethnicity, class, biological sex, gender orientation, or sexual orientation/preference.  

2. If read/hear a story in which someone experiences harassment, abuse, or DEATH and you think it’s so horrible that something must be exaggerated or some major fault of the victim un-revealed. 

3. If you read one of these stories and feel that you are personally being attacked even though you were never mentioned in said story.

4. If the word privilege makes you feel that you are being attacked.

5. If a woman complains about lack of/attack on women’s right and you feel that she is helping spread man hate and try to correct her instead of wondering what she must have experienced to feel that way.

6. If you think the word “privilege” is an insult.

7. If you think #blacklivesmatter is an Anti-White movement.

8. If you think that because you have never experienced oppression that women, people of color, or other minorities who say they have must be lying.

9. If you think people who fight for their rights are looking for a fight, being lazy, are just trying to be right, or are in some way trying to personally pick a fight with you.

10. If you feel that there is no real injustice in your neighborhood/city/state/country/world and that if people just stopped being lazy/decided to be happy they would realize life isn’t so bad.

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